Maurice Sendak dies at 83

8 May

Maurice Sendak has passed at age 83.

A few months ago I heard an interview with Sendak and Teri Gross on NPR after Sendak had published his latest book Bumble-ardy. The book is about a pig who is turning 10 and decides to have a costume party, even though his family frowned on fun. The party turns to mayhem and his aunt tells him “never again.” One of the best lines in the book is Bumble-ardy’s response to his aunt, “I promise, I swear, I won’t ever turn 10.”

I was in the library when I heard the interview, listening to the podcast, pulling books off of the shelf. The interview brought me to tears. At the end of the interview he breaks down and cries, and tells Gross, “You are the only person I have ever dealt with in terms of being interviewed or talking to who brings this out in me. There’s something very unique and special in you, which I so trust. When I heard that you were going to interview me or that you wanted to, I was really, really pleased…And almost certainly, I’ll go before you go, so I won’t have to miss you. ” What an incredible, kind, special person. Today they are replaying NPR’s interviews with Sendak through the years, including the one I just mentioned. Don’t miss it.


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