The Scorpio Races

14 Mar

I recently finished a book that is definitely worth recommending. Maggie Stiefvater, the bestselling author of Shiver and Linger, is out with a new book, entitled, The Scorpio Races.  This book recently received a Michael Printz Honor and it was well deserved.

The Scorpio Races takes place on the small island of Thisby, a made up place somewhere near Ireland and Britain. When autumn comes, water horses emerge from the sea, hungry and wild. The townspeople try to capture them without getting eaten and then race them on the beach every November, hence the title. The first to reach the end of the beach wins a boat-load of money. This is a risky game – every year many people die in the process.

The novel shifts back and forth between Sean and Puck. Sean is a four-time champion and a water horse whisperer. Puck is the new to the races and the first girl to ride.

A great combination between action, adventure, drama, fantasy, and a little bit of romance, but not too much to make it cheesy.


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