Have Your Say in the MA Teen Choice Book Awards

16 Dec

Calling all teens!  The Massachusetts Teen Choice Book Awards is extending the deadline for nominations for the 2010 MCTBA from 12/31/10 to Friday, January 7, 2011 — so there is plenty of time to nominate as many new YA book titles as you want!  All teens aged 13-18 are eligible to vote online at http://www.readsinma.org/tcba.  This website is similar to the Summer Reading website: you must create an account on the site, and then use your User Name and password to log-in.  Once you are logged in, you can nominate every new title that you’ve enjoyed reading this year.   Then once the nominations are over, the top 5 books with the most nominations will be put on a ballot.  You will then have until March 15th to vote for your favorite book on the ballot.  The winning book will be announced on Support Teen Literature Day – April 14, 2011.

Fiction, nonfiction, manga – you name it!  If you liked it and it was published this year, you can nominate it! So create that log-in and let YOUR opinions be counted this year!

[The program is open to anyone who lives or goes to school in Massachusetts and is between 12-18 years old.  Note: you must be 13 or older to nominate/vote online.  If you are 12, you must use the printable form linked here; fill it out and mail it to: Milford Town Library, 80 Spruce St., Milford, MA  01757.]


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