New Website for Teens with Literary Leanings

9 Dec

Figment is a free platform, where teens can both read and write fiction.  However, you’re not limited to uploading your prose from your computer– you can also write your novel on your cellphone!  Users of the site are invited to write novels, short stories, & poems, and to collaborate with other writers and give & receive feedback on the work posted on the site.  In addition, one of the site’s creators, Jacob Lewis, has said that he hopes Figment will serve as an opportunity for publishers to roam the Web site looking for fresh young talent, or promote their own authors by running book excerpts. Apparently several publishers have already signed on.  For example, Running Press Kids will provide an excerpt from “Purple Daze”, a historical novel for teens written by Sherry Shahan.  And Blake Nelson, bestselling author of GIRL (which was originally serialized in Sassy), is currently serializing his new book “Dream School” on the site.  On top of that, there are contests, forums, and a blog (which, among other things, posts author interviews and book reviews).  So check it out today!


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