“Own Your Space–Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online” Digital Book for Teens by Linda McCarthy

1 Nov

The Microsoft Download Center has a free e-book on its site.  Here’s what they have to say about it:

Help teens ‘own their space’ online. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, or educator, you can keep up with the latest computer and online safety issues and help kids learn to avoid them. In partnership with security expert and author, Linda McCarthy, we offer a free downloadable version of her new book, “Own Your Space – Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online.” Written for Internet savvy “tweens” and teens specifically, this book is also a useful resource for the adults they rely on.

The book is a collaborative project to provide free security learning to teens and families online, made available under the Creative Commons Licensing, and made possible by the support of individual and corporate sponsors.
Every day, millions of American school children log on or log in and make decisions that can compromise their safety, security, and privacy. We’ve all heard the horror stories of stolen identities, cyber stalking, and perverts on the Internet. Kids need to know how to stay safe online and how to use the Internet in ways that won’t jeopardize their privacy or damage their reputations for years to come.
Learn how to

  • Kill viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware
  • Deal with cyberbullies
  • Give SPAM the curb and smash web bugs
  • Understand just how public your “private” blogs are
  • Keep wireless freeloaders off your network
  • Prevent sexting from ruining your life

You can download the entire book or chapter by chapter. You can also choose your download format: Microsoft XPS or Adobe PDF. (The links in this section correspond to separate files available in this download. Download the files most appropriate for you.)


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