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Writing and Publishing with Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

28 Oct

Teens!! Adults!! Come on Wednesday, November 3rd,  to the Auditorium for the program, Writing and Publishing: How Does She Do it?  Local YA author Amelia Atwater-Rhodes signed her first book contract with Delacorte Press at age fourteen and has been publishing novels ever since.   Find out what it was like to be a successful novelist before graduating high school and discuss the process of being a writer at this exciting program.  Q and A and book signing will follow.  All welcome.


Come hear Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Weds. 11/3 @ 7 pm, Druker Aud. in Newton Free Library!

27 Oct

Tell Me a (Short) Story with Chapterme

26 Oct

Many of us loved to have stories read to us when we were young… do we ever really lose the desire for that?  I think that is part of what makes audiobooks so popular nowadays… the pleasure of someone reading a book to us (and we don’t even have to wait for bedtime!).   A quick Google search will turn up free audiobooks in digital format, easy to listen to on laptops or upload to Ipods.

Or, if you’d like to sample the book first, now there is Chapterme, a site designed to help you discover books and authors by listening to random chapters.   Then, your tastes will be compared with those of other listeners in order to choose other chapters.

The recordings are created by the fabulous site.  At any time you can go to the book page on and listen to the whole book.  From there, you can navigate to Project Gutenberg if you want to get the text.

Not a big time commitment… but potentially a great way to stumble upon a new story or two.

Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”

18 Oct

Let’s start getting psyched for Halloween!! Here is a short (~7-8 mins.) animated film from 1953 narrated by the great James Mason, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, with a screenplay based on the 1843 short story of the same title by Edgar Allan Poe.

For those of you who might want to read Poe’s prose yourself, here is the text (from Google Books).

Is It a Good Book? Take the page 99 Test!

11 Oct

Ever wish you had a shortcut to help you decide whether to read a particular book?  Sometimes a book jacket blurbs will sound great, but after a chapter or two you find you’re not really into the story after all?  Or the book starts out fantastically, but then gradually seems to fizzle out?  Take the page 99 test instead! Author Ford Madox Ford recommends instead that readers “open the book to page ninety-nine and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you”.

A new website,, launches next month to test that premise. It will offer (courageous) authors and aspiring authors the chance to upload the 99th pages of their works and invite readers to comment on whether they would buy, or like to read, the rest.

So what do YOU think?  Try the page 99 test on something you’re planning to read, and then when you’re done with the book, decide if this shortcut really does work– and then leave a comment below and let US know!

Check out these new YA books!

4 Oct

Reckless by Cornelia Funke

This is a fairy-tale-like adventure which Funke fans will want to read.  The story tells of Jacob Reckless who, like his father before him, escapes into the Mirrorworld.  All is well until his younger brother, Will, follows him.  Will comes under the spell of the Dark Fairy and he slowly turns to stone and then to jade.  Such a creature is called a Goyl in Mirrorworld.  A Jade Goyl wields special power which attracts the interest of unsavory characters.  The search is on for an antidote to the spell.  Fairies, dwarves, man-eating sirens and unicorns populate the exciting story.  Looks like Funke has also left the door open for a sequel.

Book CoverDeadly Little Lies by Laurie Faria Stolarz

If you like suspense, romance and lots of plot twists you might pick up Deadly Little Lies, Laurie Stolarz’s latest book in the Touch Series.  Last Fall Camelia fell for Ben, the mysterious newcomer who has the power to sense the future through touch.  Ben’s abrupt departure from town leaves Camelia brokenhearted.  While he’s away she studies this gift called psychometry and discovers she also has the power.  When Ben returns he wants nothing to do with Camelia until she becomes involved with Adam.  Then the threatening, eerie messages begin…Who could it be?

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