Here’s a good book for the summer! Candace Bushnell has just penned her first book for teens. Find out about Carrie Bradshow (Sex and the City) in high school! First come first served for the book…there’s already a waiting list.

24 Jun

“The Carrie Diaries” by Candace Bushnell.

This book, not surprisingly, has a long waiting list for a YA book. I bet many adults want to read it too. In her first entry into the lucrative teen market, Bushnell focuses on Carrie’s senior year in high school in Connecticut. (Inquiring minds want to know). Carrie Bradshaw is the oldest of three girls and grew up with her widowed father. She’s applying to Brown and spends most of her time “questioning relationships; worrying about friendships; developing a funky, independent sense of fashion; flirting with boys while dating two at one; and having a gay male friend.” Bushnel does write about partying, smoking, sex and shoplifting. The novel got decent reviews in Booklist and School Library Journal. Certainly, for the older teen.


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