Check out this website for Booklists and Recommendations!

19 Dec

I just came across a website that looks really interesting for getting suggestions on good books to read.  It is called Flashlight Worthy — their tagline is “Handpicked book recommendations on hundreds of topics”.  Here’s what they say about themselves:

Amazon sells every book in print, but the choice can be overwhelming. Flashlight Worthy is here to help:

  • We don’t list the best selling books — we list the best books.
  • We don’t list 6,072 results when you search for John Irving (including 251 versions of Garp!) — we list only his best books just once.
  • We don’t make you hunt around for hours to find the very best books on parenting — we do the work for you.

Flashlight Worthy is nothing but thoughtful, hand-picked recommendations…
Organized into hundreds of useful, interesting, fun lists…
And all we do is books. 🙂

Currently they have 53 different categories, 331 unique lists, and 4.532 great books for you to peruse.  They also say they welcome YOUR ideas and contributions with regard to new lists.  So have a look; your next fantastic read may be just a click away!


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